Words of Wisdom by the founder/leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan) Altaf Hussain – (Excerpt from his speeches) . via PRD

I shall not cower down in front of evil forces ,
O People … nothing will stop me telling truth , I bow only before God . This head shall not bow before tyrants .
( 2nd September 1992 – London)

Decisions should be made with sense ,awareness and wisdom,you should act with intelligence if you want to make correct decisions.Don’t let emotions come in your way .( Speech to Elder wing -16th May 1993 ).

Love begets love ,It can not be taken with power , power can not change hearts ,Hate can not end hate.  ( Altaf Hussain quoted in 1993 during his speech )

Revolutions are not given by the times ,Revolution are brought for the betterment of mankind  when the oppressed unite revolution comes by itself.
(Altaf Hussain’s to his workers of MQM Baluchistan – 3rd January 1994 ) .
My blood forever spreads revolt I’m a revolutionary , my head can not be bowed conspiracies and allegations did not cease yet no dictator could bring me down .
( 14th March 1995 ) .
To have peace and stability to spread brotherhood MQM constantly efforts to promote democracy in the country .
( Speech to labour division 27th February 1996) .

We all wish that our ( Pakistani) nation in the world has the best image every moment we strive for its success , MQM toils for a stable pakistan. (17th November 1996 ).

Third world countries have this defect , There is no standard of justice only those achieve progress where every facet of justice is upheld.  ( Lawyers Convention , London – 17th November 1996 )  .

Nations that are enlightened can not be conquered with power , this is the benefit of democracy it can not be suppressed with power .( 27 August ,1997)

We Have to change the laws of terror now , Its the need of the hour .. With consultation have to bring revolution in all walks of life with good terms and unity.
( Research and Advisory Council – 12th August 2004) .

We shall sow what we reap ,The seed determines the harvest if we do good deeds today coming generations will achieve eternity .  ( Graduate forum )

Peace and justice is the way forward India can only be friendlier if she adheres to the principles of equity love never prospers with bombs. (International Conference ,India 6th November 2004)

No Arab over non-Arab ,white over … Nobody is superior, Says our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) . These are our principles and philosophy with faith and discipline.. Long Live Pakistan .
( General Workers Meeting 16th March 2005)

Nations that don’t learn from criminal follies and stay away from the golden rules of freedom always stay deprived from progress. Artificial flowers can not smell sweet..

Its true that the situation s difficult but we have not lost hope ,we will come out f this dilemma and change this nation’s fate with equity.
( Quoted from Altaf Hussain’s Article “Awaaz E Haq ) .

Provinces should be given their share with justice ,Judiciary should be independent ,truthful media , expenditures managed with balance then the nation progresses with civic sense.
The talent of bravery or cowardice is not inborn ,The gene evolves it’s not static.

Words of wisdom excerpt from MQM ( Pakistan’s 4th & 2nd largest political party of Sindh ) founder/leader Altaf Hussain’s thought provoking lectures and historical speeches , Via – PRD

Such people are never sincere that commit cruelties with their own awakening hate in such a way they weaken the nation forever .  (5th May 1988 ) .

Those that are not true to the cause ,We have to avoid such companions have to stay away from hypocrites ,we have no danger from enemies then .
( Altaf Hussain qouted during his
Speech 2nd May 1995 )

We are progressive and enlightened . Rising above the eras of time ,time doesn’t bound us we are the time.
Where youth is talented , brave the nation is strong , where there is bias , discrimination and lack of character that nation is hard to save from destruction.
( Speech to graduate forum )

Knowledge is such a weapon that destroys the alters of ignorance workers seek knowledge for wisdom is boundless.

The cause can not be imprisoned or destroyed ,Its truth and betterment ,Its strength can end all boundaries.
(Fikri Nishist 14th Oct 2000 ).

Traits if cowardice or bravery are not inborn ,Nurturing of the proper sort determines the future path.
( 18th May 2005 ) fikri nishist

When a man attains high stature with luxuries comes a liking for comfort when in practical life get little comfort slowly the emotions go cold.
( 7June 2005)

Time doesn’t stop, just moves forward ,time that is today will just move on time never stays the same ,Wo knows what tomorrow brings.
( 7th June 2005)

My resolve is the betterment of humanity ,No lust for power or greed my message to all is love just speak truthfully from the heart .
A movement’s strength grows out from a heart’s depth ,The stronger the plinth studier the building.

The cause has to be strong in peoples heart ,If the foundation is strong the building is strong…

Via-  PRD (MQM)